The XC938U features the new generation XC9 series intelligent loader that upholds stage-V emission regulation. It features a streamlined exterior design, advanced performance, high-energy conservation, efficiency, comfort, and convenience. The high-torque electric control engine matches with full-automatic transmission to allow high working efficiency. The load-sensing hydraulic system improves fuel economy as well. The XC938U’s large-span front and rear frame features tapered roller bearing articulated pivots that guarantee extreme accuracy. The low-noise panoramic cab conformed to the ergonomic requirements. The full-tilting cab and large-angle side-opening hood centralizes the oil drainage and allows one-stop maintenance. The optional diversified attachments, including sliding forks, clamp, lifting appliance, and quick-change device, can be installed for multi-functionality. 


Bucket Load: 2.49 yd3

Rated Load: 7,716 lbs

Rated Power: 133 hp

Operating Weight: 29,761 lbf

Maximum Breakout: 29, 213 lbf