Payload: 90,390 lb.

Rated Power: 523/1800 HP/rpm

Max Grade ability: 45%

Unlocking Efficiency and Power: Explore Our Superior Haul Trucks in Michigan

At XCMG Michigan, we are your premier destination for top-tier haul trucks. Our trucks are engineered to redefine efficiency and power in dirt hauling. Our commitment is to provide industry-leading solutions that maximize productivity and profitability. Explore our range of haul trucks and discover why we stand out in the competitive market.

Our Range of Haul Trucks

At XCMG Michigan, we offer a diverse selection of Dirt hauling trucks Michigan tailored to meet the unique demands of your projects. Choose from:

  • Rigid Frame: The most common type, featuring a fixed body and chassis for maximum stability and payload capacity.
  • Articulated Frame: These haul trucks have a hinge between the cab and cargo bed, allowing for better maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Off-road Dump Trucks: Similar to haul trucks but with smaller capacities, designed for less demanding applications.

Explore Our Haul Trucks Models

Delve into the power and specifications of our haul trucks, with a focus on the robust XDA45U model:


Payload: 90,390 lb.

Rated Power: 523/1800 HP/rpm

Max Grade Ability: 45%

Benefits of Buying Our Haul Trucks

Investing in our Haul trucks for sale in Michigan translates to a myriad of benefits for your business:

  • Increased Productivity

Move more material in fewer trips, significantly boosting output.

  • Reduced Operating Costs

Lower fuel consumption and fewer trips result in substantial cost savings over time.

  • Improved Efficiency

Streamline operations for faster project completion and higher profitability.

  • Enhanced Safety

Modern features like rollover protection and collision avoidance ensure a secure working environment.

  • Durability and Reliability

It is built to withstand the most challenging conditions, our haul trucks boast a long lifespan and minimal downtime.

Why Choose Our Haul Trucks?

When selecting the Haul trucks for sale near me in Michigan for the operations, XCMG Michigan stands head and shoulders above the competition. Here are the compelling reasons to make our haul trucks your first choice:

  • Engineered for Efficiency

Our haul trucks are meticulously designed to be efficient workhorses, ensuring that every movement maximizes productivity. Experience a seamless workflow that optimizes your resources and accelerates project timelines.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs for Long-Term Value

We understand the significance of cost-effective operations. XCMG Michigan’s haul trucks are not just powerful; they are engineered with durability in mind, resulting in lower maintenance costs over the long term. It means you can focus on your projects without worrying about frequent and costly repairs.

  • Unmatched Power and Torque

Conquer the toughest terrains with confidence. Our haul trucks boast unparalleled power and torque, allowing you to efficiently tackle challenging landscapes. No job is too demanding when you have the force and strength of XCMG Michigan’s haul trucks at your disposal.

  • Engineered for Years of Reliable Service

Investing in XCMG Michigan means investing in longevity. Our haul trucks are built to withstand the test of time, providing you with years of reliable service. Experience a robust and enduring solution that stands tall against the rigors of your operations.

Elevate Your Operations with High-Performance Haul Trucks! Experience the difference with XCMG Michigan’s haul trucks. Contact us today to elevate your dirt-hauling operations to new heights. Choose efficiency, power, and reliability – choose XCMG Michigan.