Rated Power: 15.8 hp 

Operating Weight: 3,968.3 lb. 

Standard Bucket Capacity: 0.05 yd3


Rated Power: 20.7 hp 

Operating Weight: 6,129 lb. 

Operating Weight w/ Canopy: 5,908 lb.

Standard Bucket Capacity: 0.08 yd3


Rated Power: 24.4 hp 

Operating Weight w/ Cab: 9,259 lb. 

Operating Weight w/ Canopy: 9,039 lb. 

Standard Bucket Capacity: 0.16 yd3


Rated Power: 41.2 hp 

Operating Weight w/ Cab: 12,566 lb. 

Operating Weight w/ Canopy: 12,346 lb. 

Standard Bucket Capacity: 0.21 yd3


Rated Power: 73.2 hp 

Operating Weight: 20,944 lb. 

Standard Bucket Capacity: 0.46 yd3


Rated Power: 121 hp

Operating Weight: 35,031 lb

Bucket Capacity: 0.85 yd3


Rated Power: 121 hp 

Operating Weight: 36,596 lb. 

Bucket Capacity: 0.85 yd3


Rated Power: 173 hp

Operating Weight: 50,706 lb.

Bucket Capacity: 1.57 yd3


Rated Power: 194.5 hp 

Operating Weight: 60,186 lb. 

Bucket Capacity: 1.57 yd3


Rated Power: 232 hp 

Operating Weight: 71,650 lb. 

Bucket Capacity: 2.1 yd3


Rated Power: 338 hp

Operating Weight: 87,303 lb.

Bucket Capacity: 2.2 yd3


Rated Power:

Operating Weight: 111,113 lb.

Bucket Capacity: 3.1 yd3


Operation Weight: 200,621 lb. 

Rated Power: 600 hp

Bucket Capacity: 70.6 yd3

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Here is the list of our excellent excavator models with unmatched performance, durability, and efficiency:


  •  Rated Power: 15.8 hp
  •  Operating Weight: 3,968.3 lb.
  •  Standard Bucket Capacity: 0.05 yd3


  •  Rated Power: 20.7 hp
  •  Operating Weight: 6,129 lb.
  •  Operating Weight w/ Canopy: 5,908 lb.
  •  Standard Bucket Capacity: 0.08 yd3


  •  Rated Power: 24.4 hp
  •  Operating Weight w/ Cab: 9,259 lb.
  •  Operating Weight w/ Canopy: 9,039 lb.
  •  Standard Bucket Capacity: 0.16 yd3


  •  Rated Power: 41.2 hp
  •  Operating Weight w/ Cab: 12,566 lb.
  •  Operating Weight w/ Canopy: 12,346 lb.
  •  Standard Bucket Capacity: 0.21 yd3


  •  Rated Power: 73.2 hp
  •  Operating Weight: 20,944 lb.
  •  Standard Bucket Capacity: 0.46 yd3


  •  Rated Power: 121 hp
  •  Operating Weight: 35,031 lb.
  •  Bucket Capacity: 0.85 yd3


  •  Rated Power: 121 hp
  •  Operating Weight: 36,596 lb.
  •  Bucket Capacity: 0.85 yd3

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