The XE80U is designed to combine power and smoothness with its short-tail design. Its versatility is enhanced by two standard hydraulic circuits and precise oil flow control. The high digging and lifting performance along with smooth driving capabilities make the XE80U the ideal machine for demanding jobs. The Tier 4F engine with EGR, DOC, and DPF technology ensures fuel-efficient and smooth control, regardless of the load.


Operating Weight: 20,944 lbs.

Bucket Capacity: 0.46 yd3

Engine Model: Kubota V3307CRTE5

Rated Power: 73.2 hp

Maximum Torque: 1500 rpm

Travel Speed: 1.68-3.04 mph

Swing Speed: 12 rpm

Displacement: 201.4 in3

Bucket Digging Force: 14,388 lbf

Arm Digging Force: 9217 lbf