It’s a new elevating work platform developed and manufactured by XCMG, with operating height at 32ft 10in(10m), machine width at 3ft 10in(1.17m), rated load at 992lbs(450kg), platform extending length at 2ft 11in(0.9m), and maximum gradeability at 25%. Featuring compact structure, advanced performances, and complete safety protection, this machine is a special machine tailored to the building construction users. Featuring zero-pollution, high environmental-friendliness, stable lifting/lowering, easy operations, and convenient maintenances, it can be extensively applied in the industries including factories, warehouses, airports, and stations and is especially suitable for narrow working environments.


Max. Travel Speed (lowered/elevated): 2.49/0.5 mph

Min. Turning Radius (Inner Wheel/Outer Wheel): 0″/7’7″ in/ft

Min. Ground Clearance: 4 in

Max. Grade Ability: 25%

Tire Specification: Non-Marking and solid / 381 x 127

Engine Power (kW/(r/min)): 4.4 HP

Total Weight: 5908 lb

Platform Length: 8’2″

Platform Width: 3’10”

Platform Height: 7’9″

Wheel Base: 6’2″